How often do we use this word in our everyday life? Probably, very rarely. Most of the time, it is a word that we tend to avoid because it signifies something big, significant happening to us.

According to the definition of the Oxford dictionary, transition is “ the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another”. In other words, we are in transition all the time – because nothing ever stays still. Indeed, in the words of Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, change is the only constant in life. The word transition is often synonymous with change and therefore may signify uncertainty. Whereas some people meet uncertainty with curiosity and excitement, in others this feeling of the unknown brings out anxiety.

On the other hand, transition can simply mean moving something from now to wherever we want to be. This kind of transition does not need to be “big” or “significant” – it can be a small goal we are trying to reach to change something. Moving home and redecorating your room are both transitions, just like recovering from a serious injury or starting a new exercise programme.

What kind of transition are you going through in your life right now – “significant” and “minor”? Think about your past experiences of transition: which ones had the most impact on your life? And what transitions did you find “easy”?

Thinking about these questions will give you some insights into how you handle transition. Review your answers – what do you notice? And how do you feel about the word transition now?

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